About us

Herolens is a product mar-tech company that scales the creative production of companies, automatically generating more creatives in less time without errors.
Its SaaS product, given any source of information, instantly generates limitless number of dynamic creatives from simple assets.
Herolens is currently working with the largest advertisers and agencies worldwide, focussed on ecommerce, auto, consumer goods and entertainment.

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Business Developer Argentina
  • CABA, Argentina
Developer Frontend
  • CABA, Argentina

Fundamental values

Team First
At Herolens, team is first. Every person has to perform at its higher potential to protect the team.
Customer Centricity
After the team, clients are in the center of Herolens importance.
Company-wide decision making
It is about including everyone in day to day decisions and be open to new ideas, always weighted by the believability of the person.
Make others successful
At Herolens it not enough to be highly performant at your role. Every person have to do her work the best possible way and helping other people to be success in their work.
Smart work (ask why?) / Be autodidact
At Herolens working in a smart way is primordial. Before doing a task, think about why the task is being made and if it is the best way to do it.
Learn from your errors
Herolens innovates all the time. Innovation entails errors, and it is not bad to make them, as soon as those errors are not made again
Radical Honesty
High performing people can handle the truth. Practice radical honesty reduce tensions and builds understanding and respect.
Believing that something is possible will somehow make it so Embrace abundance.
Thinking that something is possible, is the first step of making it possible.
Herolens considers that it is really important that every person knows herself. When someone knows herself, she knows what best motivates her and what she does best, improving the performance of the person and the whole team.



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